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~Iceforest Aspen Stella(Special Needs) and Iceforest Aspen Luna~2019 

Diane L. ~ Jan 5/2024

It’s been a while—what with the pandemic and all. I wanted to reach out and let you know how our two fur babies are doing, all grown up now.


Stella has a fabulous ruff and looks like a little lion but with the softest fur. She is very vigorous in her affection when she chooses to bestow it, liking to groom you and cuddle up on your lap or under the blankets. She loves to chase crinkle balls up the stairs and bring them back for you to throw again or bat them down. Sometimes she’ll drop her toy in her water bowl. Bath time is one of her favourite times and she likes to dip her paws or face in the water. She is much smaller than Luna but it is not obvious at first glance because her coat is so long. We have heated pet beds in multiple spots in the house so she can be cozy and warm because she does not have much extra layerage. After she was fully grown we had x-rays done and got referred to the UoG specialist practice for a consult with an orthopaedic surgeon but the upshot was that they didn’t see benefit in surgery on her leg because of how little soft tissue there was to work with and had concerns about healing. She gets around well, running, climbing, jumping, and balancing. When she is in motion, her leg is upright with less weight distribution than her other paws, and when sitting sometimes is tucked and sometimes sticking out a bit to the side, but she does really well. 

Luna is a real sweety, liking to follow us around all day and be patted at any opportunity but especially at all the bedtimes, when the kids are having stories and snuggles and when we head to bed. If anyone stirs, she’s there in an instant! She has a lovely coat too but hers is denser and less golden than Stella’s. They both love to be brushed and the other will come over if they hear brushing sounds. Luna prefers the wand type toys for play and can be really wild in her play. She loves it when the beds are being made and attacks all the covers.

They are really such wonderful cats. They don’t spend as much time as they did as kittens grooming each other but will still sometimes do it or just touch noses in passing. At night they’ll often chase each other around, too, when the dogs are all sleepy.

It looks like you are busy with lots of kittens coming and going—we have a peek on your website or Facebook page every now and again! I was surprised to see how much the little torbie “Heidi” reminded me of Luna when they only share a grand sire. 

Iceforest Lipetak Bayra~2022

Amanda A. ~ Nov 12,2023


Bayra is really starting to mature. Her coat is coming in so thickly!

She is very affectionate, vocal and is extremely self-assured. She has a beautiful temperament.

Susan.C ~Iceforest Magnus~2019

                                              I love Magnus more every day!!!


Kathy &Lyn~Iceforest Lady Raven~2019


Raven is five pounds! 

Our vet clinic VT said she was the most gorgeous kitten she has ever seen. She fell asleep during nail trimming today, lol. She is such a good girl. 

Cathy and Lyn

Roberta L. ~Iceforest Willowby~ 2018 


I just wanted to let you know that Willoughby is thriving and a complete delight! He is sweet-natured, affectionate and engaged. I got a new and lovely vet at my neighbourhood cat-only clinic. She was so impressed with him and you too. She said he is perfect and was overwhelmed with his good looks! He got his 2nd set of boosters and will get the 3rd in another 3 weeks. I’m feeding him the Fromm 4-star grain free kibble (see attached photo of nutritional data), plus Pets4Life raw turkey.                                                                                                                                                                          So, I just wanted to thank you again and tell you that he is really bringing a lot of joy to my life!

Take care,  Roberta .L Ottawa ON


Family of 2 Iceforest Kittens Jasper,Greyson

ICEFOREST EMILIAN “JASPURR”- Brown Classic Tabby  -2014                                                                                                                                           2nd Best Siberian 2013 (CCA) Grand Champion (CCA) Rossity  Jessica of Iceforest   X  Champion(CCA) Rossity Izum of Iceforest


He is still adjusting but is doing much better. He is coming around us more and getting lots of attention. He still runs from the kids if they approach him too quickly. But will readily play with them with his toys. He will let them pat him as well. He sleeps a good part of the daytime and is up at night playing. He is fun to watch and interact with. Very entertaining! We love playing with him. He is eating, drinking and using his litter boxes very well. When we pat him he instantly starts purring. Sometimes he will flop on top of my chest/neck purring and snoozing right on top of me. He likes to climb and will use his cat tree as well as anything else he can climb. He especially likes to climb on top of my husbands speakers to to have a nap. He seems to be fitting in to our family well. We love having him in our lives. He is wonderful. 

                                                          Thanks so much!    Wendy S,  St.Johns, Newfoundland 

ICEFOREST NOIR GREYSON “GREYSON" -Blue Mackerel with White-2015

Champion (CCA) Shatliva Cristal Signature of Iceforest X Champion (CCA)" Best Siberian in Canada 2015" Rossity Muskat of Iceforest


Jaspurr and Greyson are doing great! They are good friends. They wash each other and everything.Wendy S.St.Johns NL

ICEFOREST DULCE NIKOLIA "Nicholia" -Brown  Mackerel Male  Tabby

    Champion CCA  Champion. WCF)  Rossity Zosia of Iceforest( X,  Champion CCA  Rossity Izum of Iceforest(Russia) 

Thank you so much, indeed Nikolai looks amazing, he turned out to be a gorgeous cat!, he has a lovely personality, likes to cuddle and touch our chests when he is being padded, is like he wants to feel our hearts!, we love him so much and he is a beautiful addition to our family, he has settled down perfectly!, I just can say that my Siberian NIkolai is a "dog like cat", when he is happy he jump up and down with joy. Thank you so much for making our lives full of joy!      Anita C

niko in chair

 Hope you and your Family are doing well,  It has been a long time since we have communication regarding Nikolai, He is almost 16 months, he is doing very well, He had his yearly check up last Thursday. He has grown up to be a very handsome guy!!!, he love him so much and his personality is very unique, he really is a dog-like cat!, he loves to play with us, he plays peak a boo, hiding, running, etc. just like a dog! although he is not the type of a lap cat, we enjoy when he comes to us in his own terms, he likes to be love and sometimes he fall sleep on my arms for about 10 minutes or so and then he is in his own way, he likes the snow a lot, so sometimes I take him out on a leash, We are so happy with him, he is our little sweetheart, and when my son come to visit from College, he follow him every where, I think he misses him very much!. Take care and we will keep in touch. I am sending you a pic of Nikolai.Best Regards,Anita C.

ICEFOREST DULCE SALLY "SALLY"  -Female Brown Mackeral Tabby    2019

 Champion CCA  Champion. WCF Rossity Zosia of Iceforest  X,  Champion CCA  Rossity Izum of Iceforest      




  Today is our sweet Sally’s 6th Birthday was celebrated today and she is every bit as cute and sweet as ever!! She is still the joy in our day and has quite the celebrity status with everyone who comes in to assist us. They all know if Sally ain’t happy ain’t nobody happy!! Thank you for allowing us the joy that she brings us each and every day!!


IMG 2098IMG 1301

 I thought I would send you another update on our precious Sally ! She is such a joy and a very sweet, sensitive, funny little feline. We celebrated her fifth birthday on September 18th. I have heard that this breed are considered kittens until they are 5yrs old. Maybe you know whether or not that is true but regardless our Sally still acts very much like a kitten!! I hope that maybe you bred her to live until her owners are gone because none of us could bear losing her.  Sally has had a huge adjustment to make this summer and into fall. She is good to all of us as far as spending time with us but she absolutely worships my dad. She was his Christmas present 5 yrs ago and you made me that adorable video for him to open Christmas morning! ( if you still have that video saved and could send me a copy I would be very grateful. You did such a wonderful job. !!) My Dad is from the East Coast in New Brunswick and returns there many times each year with my mom. Now, we have a place of our own as a family, to use while there. This year my mom and dad went down in early July and will return to Ontario when we bring them back after thanksgiving. Sally has deeply missed them and just a busier household because they are home. I won’t leave her any longer then two weeks so I will be flying home on Oct 17th. We have a wonderful sitter for her, who is a vet tech and she grooms her(which sally LOVES). She trims her nails and brushes her and then spends time each day playing with her and just sitting with her.       I hope this update finds you well and that you are able to continue to breed these BEAUTIFUL, loving, adorable cats. Sally has had quite an impact on all of us. Even the place where we take her each season to be groomed are in love with her. Their policy is to put the ones on them so that they do not try to scratch or bite due to the anxiety with the entire grooming process.  But alas, not Sally. When they bathe her she totally enjoys it and then with coming her out and blow drying she crawls up into their arms and starts nuzzling them and purring. She is definitely an enigma but in a positive perspective. I got a call from them the other day and they want her to teach some “grooming students “ how it’s done!!                                                                                                                                                                             Martha D.London, ON  Canada    2018


     She is sooooo cute and everyone LOVES her. She'll go to anyone and lovessss to cuddle. She is such a treasure and so special to each one of us. She has been to see the vet and all went well. As we speak she is chasing her tail playing hockey with a small plastic bottle and turning somersaults. What fun. She has just managed to climb up my wheelchair and is sitting on the headrest looking at her self in the mirror. I seriously think she is intoxicated with honeysuckle. Well, I just thought I'd write and give you a  little update. Thank you for putting so much joy in our lives! "               Martha D. London. ON  Canada 2013



 2nd Best Siberian 2014 (CCA) Grand Champion (CCA) Rossity  Jessica of Iceforest   X  Champion(CCA) Rossity Izum of Iceforest

"Lilly is doing great.  She seems completely at home here.  She is very active playing with her numerous toys.  She is the most social cat we've ever had.  She always has to be near one of us."  

"Lilllyflower is doing well.  A very social and loving cat.  Our dog and Lilly get along very well.  She even allows me to trim her nails without a fuss or barely a sound . I've never had a cat like her.” 

20150426 130617 resized

"Lily is such a lovely natured cat.  She is very affectionate and loves to cuddle and give kisses. She adores our golden, Maxwell. She will often sleep with him. I've attached some recent photos of her.It would have been great to see you at the cat show. Next time I'll message you. I plan to register her for the Whitby cat show next year. Lynda M, Whitby, ON Canada

ICEFOREST CANES BOOTES “BOOTES”  - Brown Mackerel Male                                                                                                                        2nd Best Siberian 2013 (CCA) Grand Champion (CCA) Rossity  Jessica of Iceforest  X   Champion(CCA) Rossity Izum of Iceforest

We're doing great, he's quite the kitten! Big people person, we call him part parrot (he likes to sit on our shoulders) and part dog (he follows us everywhere, and eats all our food droppings haha) and part cat (still loves to cuddle and always wants to be pet and or played with). He had no troubles adjusting to our household :) Alana R. , Ontario Canada

Family of 4 Iceforest Kittens Evia,Loki and Mordecai,     


ICEFOREST EVIA “Evia" -Brown Mackerel Tabby  -2013                                     

  2nd Best Siberian 2014 (CCA) Grand Champion (CCA) Rossity  Jessica of Iceforest X  Champion(CCA) Rossity Izum of Iceforest

I just wanted to send a quick update to let you know that Evia's had her final booster & rabies vaccine and that all of bloodwork came back negative. The vet complimented your record keeping and said he could tell by her personality, health and the paperwork you provided, that you are a very good breeder.We've learned that Miss Evia really likes bowls, she has a bed, but that mostly stays empty so I'll have to find something for her to hang out in other than our fruit bowl, where we catch her resting almost every time we come home... :)  Angela S. Toronto,ON

 ICEFOREST LAYOSHA LOKI - Silver Mackerel Tabby -2015                                                                                                              Champion CCA  Champion. WCF Rossity Zosia of Iceforest  X Champion(CCA) Rossity Izum of Iceforest    

IMG 7390

We just got back from a two week vacation, so sorry for not responding sooner! Loki and Evia are doing great. They weren't too fond of each other for the first few days, but that's a distant memory now. They are always within a foot from each other. It's so sweet to see them curled up sleeping together or cleaning each other. They have really taken a liking to each other. Loki is a very playful boy, he will play with anything he can get his paws on and has even torn up some toilet paper that I left out of my full cabinets - won't do that again! He's just as affectionate as Evia is, which I really didn't think could be possible. You put your hand on him and he is literally purring within seconds. Evia reserves her purring for the times when she comes to you - not the other way around - lol. I can't believe how much Loki has grown in just a few short weeks, I think he's going to be bigger than Evia. . Angela S. Toronto, Ontario

 ICEFOREST GRUSHA MORDECAI”MORDECAI”- Golden Marble Tabby  -2017                                                                                          Cherise Tortlinka of Iceforest X  Champion (CCA) Best Siberian in Canada 2015 Rossity Muskat of Iceforest

I wanted to send an update to let you know that Mordecai is awesome! He's got such a great personality: he is super playful, not bothered at all by the dogs and purrs very easily (and loudly!) I can't believe it's only been a week since we brought him home. Evia and Loki have stopped giving him the cold shoulder, they're not quite at the point of inviting him into the group cleaning fold, but they are touching noses when they walk by each other and occasionally rub up against each other, and there's no more dirty looks, crooked ears or hissing going on, everyone seems to have accepted our new arrangement. We couldn't be happier with him; Mordecai is actually sitting right up against me at the moment purring and playing with his tail, he just makes us smile so much. stool earlier in the week and was able to bring that "sample" in to the vet when we saw her.

Thanks again for another wonderful addition to our home. I hope you enjoy the pics I attached - I had a hard time choosing what to send, there are so many already! Angela S. Toronto,ON


ICEFOREST BARYSHINKOV “NIKO” Litter “ B”  “NIKO”                                                                                                                                                Rossity Zosia of Iceforest X  Rossity Izum of Iceforest(

He is doing wonderfully!!! Getting so big!! I will try to send you some pictures. He and our dog get along like best buddies!!! He's so friendly and affectionate and loves to be held and cuddled. We have a vet appt tomorrow for his rabies shot and booster. He is a good eater. He likes to be mischievous as well :). We love him. He's a wonderful addition!!:) Terri K Welland, ON Canada

ICEFOREST BEAR "BUSTER"   -Brown Mackerel Male Tabby

 Champion CCA Champion. WCF Rossity Zosia of Iceforest( Russia)  Champion CCA Rossity Izum of Iceforest(Russia)                                                                                                             

"Bear is settling in remarkably well. He cried a little bit in the car but did sleep most of the way home. As soon as I got him out of the carrier he started following me around the house and cuddling up to me. He spent the whole night on my bed and didn't seem remotely scared or stressed out by his new environment."

"In short, my little Teddy Bear was well worth the wait. You and his mom clearly did a fantastic job socializing and training him. I look forward to getting his baby pictures and if he can sit still long enough, I will email you some update photos soon as well." Waleska V Whitby, ON  Canada

Family of 3 Iceforest Kittens Slikk, Gucci, Louis


ICEFOREST BE SLIKK "SLIKK"   -Silver Mackerel Male Tabby -2013                                        Champion CCA Champion. WCF  Rossity Zosia of Iceforest  X  Champion CCA Rossity Izum of Iceforest(c                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

"We are so loving our new little addition. He is so amazing. He takes turns sleeping with the kids. He has his "crazy" periods first thing in the morning and the evenings. He provides hours of entertainment with his leaping and pouncing. I think I have more cat toys than I did baby toys. Still sleeping a lot in the afternoons. He is eating and drinking well and no problems with the litter box. He loves being around people, thank goodness! The only problem is getting the kids to put him down every once in a while, although he doesn't seem to mind." Niki Z. Kamloops BC

ICEFOREST GRACED GUCCI  “GUCCI”- Golden Classic Tortie  -2014                                                                                                  Champion CCA Annushka Vivalavita of Iceforest X Champion CCA Rossity Muskat of  Iceforest 


 Just thinking I should send you an update. Slikk is more than thrilled to have a little playmate! He chases Gucci around the house steady! They are very much inseparable. I have to put them in the same crate to go to the groomers or Gucci cries the whole time. Very different personality than Slikk. Gucci is still very timid. Not so much with us but loud noises and strangers put her right under the sofa. She usually comes and finds me a couple of times a day for cuddles but it has to be her idea. Slikk likes to sleep on me or the kids during the night whereas Gucci prefers to sleep under the bed. She has just started coming up on the bed with Slikk. Slikk still loves his constant attention and love but Gucci prefers a little more space. They are both still the centre of our household! Niki Z. Kamloops BC

IMG 5316

ICEFOREST EADWINE LOUIS - “LOUIS”- Black Silver Mackerel with White- 2016

Champion Shatliva Cristal Signature of Iceforest X Rossity Muskat Of Iceforest 

 Thought you might like to know that little Louis has made himself right at home. He is super brave and super cuddly. He is loving chasing Slikk and Gucci around the house and having cuddle time with the kids. He is adorable. Niki Z. Kamloops BC 

Brown Mackerel Male  Tabby

"Prince Tesla" Dina B Keswick, ON Canada "

ICEFOREST NOIR TCHILLI “ TCHILLI” - Brown Marbled with Male - 2015

Champion (CCA) Shatliva Cristal Signature of Iceforest X Champion (CCA)" Best Siberian in Canada 2015" Rossity Muskat of Iceforest

Hello Iceforest Siberians, thought I share some pictures for the testimonials of our little guy Tchili (Marble Male; Cristal and Muskat), now over 6 months old! Everyday, we've grown to love him more and more as he becomes more and more affectionate and loves to be where we are wherever we go. Everyone who has met Tchili absolutely adores him!! He even smiles when he meows (as you can see in one of the pictures!). A wonderful cat with so much personality and love! Thank you again, and have a great and happy New Year! - Lilly and Ed


LILLY, ROSE AND VIOLET"-Silver  Mackerel Female Tabbies

Zosia X Kamysh

"Thank you again for such a great gift as the kittens have been a wonderful addition to our marriage/family. As you know I have cat allergies and this has been a godsend for me. Also, my wife, the cat lover, enjoys their company so much that she just can’t get enough of them." Ron F. Ottawa, ON CanadaI love Magnus more every day!!!

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