Former Kings and Queens  

Annushka Vivalavita Of Iceforest, Champion CCA  Imported from Russia 

Annushka is a  new addition to  our cattery. She was imported  from Vivalavita Cattery  in Russia. Once  she  get to  know you  she is  extremely  lovable and  very sassy. She is a great addition to our siberian family as  she has a different siberian body type and is a rare golden Siberian. She is  An excellant  mom and  her  kittens  carry her  wonderfull personality . Annushka or "Nushy" as  we  call her  is  a Gold Patch  tabby in CCA or  Black gold Spotted  Tabby for TICA .

jessica copy

Rossity Jessica Of Iceforest,  Grand Champion CCA, 2nd Best Siberian in Canada 2012-2013 Imported from Moscow Russia 

Jessica is is the  daughter of  Zosia and was also imported from Russia, she was born  in Feb 2012.  Jessica has gained the  title of Grand Champion for the 2015 show year and  was the 2nd  best Siberian  in Canada  for the  year  of  2012/2013 . She  was off being a mom for 2014 show season but she produced some fabulious kittens that are big bone and very loving in  nature. Her girls usually  carry  her sweet expression. Her kittens are all a match to the  breed standards of TICA, CFA and CCA . Jessica  is a Brown Mackerel Tabby.


Rossity Muskat of Iceforest   Champion CCA , Best Siberian in Canada 2014-2015 Imported  from Moscow Russia

Muskat  came  to  our  cattery June 2013 from Rossity cattery  in Moscow,Russia. He  was only  4  month upon his  arrival but we where shocked  by not only  his  physical size  but the  size of  his personality. Muskat  is  super friendly,sweet, bold, and not  shy  at  all . He has a wonderful body  type  with a very  fluffy  thick  coat, a very  beautiful boy . The  judges also appriciate his  style  at the  show. Muskat Has  attatined  his  championship and  is now  proving to  be a fabulous  Father .Muskat  is  a  Red classic  male  that  will bring a  wide range of colours to  our cattery.

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