Our Cats

Our Ladies:

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GCH Iceforest Melina, Grand Champion CCA, Ontario, Canada

Melina was born in our Cattery in May 2017 . Her parents  are Chersie Tortinka of Iceforest and CH Rossity Muskat of Iceforest (Best Siberian in Canada 2014-2015) together this pair made a fabulious little girl that is created waves in the 2017-2018 show season  gaining both a championship and Grand championship before she turned 1year old in the same show season.  We anticipate a huge show career from Meli and look forward to competing TICA and CFA Shows in the future to expand her titles. Meli loves to snuggle 

Rossity Zosia Of Iceforest ,  Champion WCF(Russia), Champion CCA                                   

Zosia arrived in  Canada July 2012,  she was imported from Russia along with her daughter to join our cattery. Zosia has  come  to  us from Rossity Siberians a breeder of Traditional Siberian Forest Cats located in  Moscow Russia.  Zosia  is  two  years  old  and  has  gained  championship  status  through  Aston WCF  in  Russia. She is  of  traditional  blood lines  and  traditional  color , she is considered  to  be  a  Silver  Mackrel Tabby .

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CH Iceforest Oxana ,  Champion, CCA Ontario, Canada  

Oxana is the grand Daughter of Rossity Zosia of Iceforest and daughter of Rossity Dasha of Iceforest and Rossity Izum of Iceforest  and was born to our cattery in June 2017. She was just old enough to make debate late in 2017-2018 show season and has  earned  her  championship. She is still very young but we anticipate her having a excellant show career as she matures into one fabulious girl, just like her mom and Grandmother. She is a big bone little girl and very loving in nature that carries a sweet expression . Ana                                                                                                                                                               is a Silver Mackerel Tabby. 


Cherise Tartletka, Imported from Ukraine

Tara and  her  sister  have  arrived to  us from the  Ukraine. She is  a sweet heart  and  head  greeter  here at the  cattery. She  comes  to  visit  every  newcomer when isnt  fusing  over her  babies. She  is a  great  mom  and beautiful companion to  the  rest  of our brood. She  has  fabulous golden  marble  coat which  she  passes on to  her babies.

Cherise Tortinka,  Imported  from Ukraine

Inka is a full sister to Tara from the  same  litter . A darling girl that loves to snuggle up and  is first on hand for attention. She is  an amazing  mother  and produces  quality offspring .  

Our Gentlemen:

Rossity Izum of Iceforest, Champion CCA 

Izum is off to  a great  start in his career,both as a champion  and a father. He  is  also Imported  from  Moscow .His  Dam is in International Champion in  Russia and  his  Sire is  RW Supreme Grand Champion TICA, Grand Champion CFA, European Champion WCF, International Champion FIFe Rossity Kamysh . Izum  is  very sweet but shy and a  huge  lovebug. and is  considered  a  Brown Classic tabby with a  large traditional body style at  the age  of 2 he is about  17 lbs . 


  • Date of birth: June 25,2016
  • Sex: Male 
  • Color: a24 - a cream and gold Carrier
  • Titles: -
  • Tests: HCM, PKD, FIV, FeLV, (parents tested)
  • Place Of Birth: Russia, Moscow
  • Location: Barrie, Ontario

Mars Slavicat of Iceforest , Russian Federation, Moscow 

Mar is  the  new  man in town and is  sure to share his amazing looks with his  babies. Mars has  been imported from Moscow, Russia . Mars is a  very  large  cat and is slow to mature and is still very shy but  will be  making  his show debute late in life as he is still young.  Mars come from the  internationally recognized pair Father: Beilis is a Grand International Champion-WFC  a creme spotted Tabby from Moscow Russia Mother: Camilla Slavic a Black golden spotted tabby from Moscow Russia. He is still very young but is following in his  fathers paw prints. 

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