Visits/Allergy tests

We are a small homebased cattery our cats and kittens live as part of the family. We have a very busy household with  four children, two dogs a boxer and a cane corse and several cats/kitten. The cats/kittens are raised underfoot and are not raised in cages so they go to their new homes more socialized  then cage raised cats. We are very careful to protecting  our cat/kittens and other peoples investments. 

We get several enquiries to coming for a visit , to pick out a kitten, or to allergy test in person: 

Unfortunatly due to high demand , we rarely  have  kittens available for the picking as most kittens are  reserved  pre-birth . 

 Due to Bio-security measures , We do not always have kittens available to view or visit as most have not yet  developed  their own immune systems and we are not willing to risk of outside biological exposer.

Allergy testing “Visiting the Cattery” is quiet difficult in our cattery, our cats live at large in our home and are not caged,  you may or may not see the  cat you are wanting to visit as we  may not be  able to  find them or they may be  busy  with kittens.                                                                                                                                                    

The Fel-D1 levels are individual to each cat some levels are higher then others. In saying, this is a multi cat household you are being  exposed to on a visit, so you will not be  able to judge if  you  are  reacting to  the  number of  cats in the  cattery or a preticular  cat.

 Also not to mention there are  two large dogs that also live in the house.

We do encourage  you to  order a  fur sample to properly test compatability of the parents of  your future  kitten. Fur samples are  harvested when the  Fel-D1 are the  highest so you get the  worst case scenerio of each  cat and can mix and  match to find a  suitable  pairing  that works  for your allergies

We  however host open houses for those who: 



 want to come meet their  kittens for the  first time in person ( kittens reserved  pre birth),  

            who would like to meet myself and see where the kitten is coming from 

             who want to allergy test in person with siberian

Please  note guests  will  not  be allowed to visit kittens that  are under the age of  8 weeks. Most often fathers are with their foster homes and  not  on site. Mothers are always around but may not want to  be  seen. Some  will visit,  some  are  shy, some  take  offence  as you are  here to  take  their  kittens.

Please  email  to  enquire about  fur  samples  or  next  open  house  dates 

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