Buyer Be Aware

I  am  posting this to advise that there are many cattery/ breeders/people selling half breed and non purebred kittens as purebred some that may be registered with CCA/FIFE/TICA/CFA.. 

I have heard many stories from people who have been mislead about the hypo allergenic factors of siberians. Just  because  they  are  Hypo allergenic  doesn't  mean Non-allergenic, Siberians are compatable  with  most  cat allergies  but  not all, please  ensure  the cattery you use  has a allergy return policy if you have allergies. It is recommeded that you question them about the  they different types  of  cat allergies, as there are a few and are triggered by different proteins. 

*** PLEASE DO NOT BUY A PET THAT IS ADVERTISED ON  KIJIJI/Craiglist/Hoobly or free advertising agent  ***  yes  they  may  be  cheaper but unfortunatley in some cases you get what you pay . I have spoken to  many many people mostly at the show halls that have told me horror stories of  buying pets and  having them die or spend a  fortune trying to keep them alive, or  having their guarantee not honoured or the  “breeder” block them and  not responding to them.

There are animial brokers all over the  world tha will buy numerous litters of  kittens at a time and  sell  them at cheaper rates, I have had several enquires for this and manage to screen them out , most  often these  kitten are removed from their mom too young and are kept in large groups and in poor conditions are exposed to diseases, no paperwork/invented or mismatched paperwork. 

 Also be warry if you have not been offered a contracts and trust your gut and do the research as some breeder/people may not upholding their contracts in relation to Health Guarantees or return  policies. 

If  you see any cats from this website that are on another web site or listed in a kijiji /Craigslist/hoobly etc , Please be advised that they are stolen pictures, any cats posted on the website are our property and available for viewing at any time with the exception of retirees that have been altered and placed with families as pets. I do not sell any of my cats for breeding purposes in Canada,very few are sold internationally to select breeders with a founded history of breeding. All other cats leave us altered and happy.

Doing your homework can save you from a lot of misery and heartbreak!

Happy Kitten Hunting, please be carefully it a  jungle out there !

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